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Pundit Updated 8/18/2017

ePrint allows you to print black and white documents for free over the Duke network. While not using an on-campus internet connection, you can still use ePrint if have Duke's VPN Client. Once you add a print job, you may print it from any OIT computer lab using your Duke Card. The print queue nominally lasts for 12 hours, but during times of heavy load it may be reduced to 8 or 6 hours.

Cost and Quota

See ePrint and specifically the link to View quota and request increase for the most up to date information about printing.

ePrint Locations and Status

Printer stations are located in many academic buildings, dorms, and public spaces. OIT maintains a list at their ePrint Printers page.


My files will not show up! (when printing from Unix computers)

The particular Unix machine you used may have had a full print queue. If you type the command
there should be no entries; if there are (likely dozens), that particular machine has lost its connection to the ePrint server. Log in to a different Unix machine, type lpq to check its queue, and print from there if you can.


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