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This template allows users to ask questions and also adds the talk page in question to the Category:Questions page. Proper use simply includes putting {{Q}} in front of a question, then following it with a signature. For example:

*{{Q}} How does LaTeX decide where to put figures? ~~~~

After answering a question, please be sure to remove the {{Q}} from that particular question and leave a note on the talk page of the person asking the question. For example, the code above, once saved, will expand to look like:

*{{Q}} How does LaTeX decide where to put figures? [[User:DukeDoc99|DukeDoc99]] 19:57, 23 June 2008 (UTC)

where the four tildes have been replaced by the user information and the timestamp. Someone answering would add an answer and remove the Q template as follows:

* How does LaTeX decide where to put figures? [[User:DukeDoc99|DukeDoc99]] 19:57, 23 June 2008 (UTC)
** Figures are floats...etc... ~~~~

The second asterisk indents the answer below the question. See the Help:List page on Wikimedia for information on creating lists if you need to indent further or plan to include multiple paragraphs in a question or answer.

Once you have saved the page with the answer, you can click on the link to the user's talk page and note that you have answered the question; the next time that user logs in, they will receive the "new message" alert and will get your message on their talk page. There is an answering template - the A template for that very purpose to create a generic section and message with relatively little work required.