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See Audio 1 for more information about setting voltages and whatnot. Updated for Spring, 2011.


  • Use the same audio setup and volume instructions as found in EGR 103/DAQ Audio 1
  • Use the same process in EGR 103/DAQ Audio 1 and the handout for DAQ 3 for setting up the oscilloscope and such; the only difference is you want to set the maximum voltage to 0.25 V instead of 0.4 V.
  • When downloading MyChirp.mat, the computer may add a .txt to it. In the MATLAB "Current Directory" window, you should rename it back to MyChirp.mat


"winsound" is the only option on the oscilloscope!

You most likely logged in with your own OIT account rather than the local one. Click the Windows Start button - if it says anything other than mrglocal, logout and log in using mrglocal with a password of p1p2dell - be sure to log in to this computer. If you are on mrglocal already, restart the computer. If that doesn't work, get Dr. G.


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