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ECE 110 is a required course for all students planning to earn a major in Electrical and Computer Engineering or Biomedical Engineering at Duke University. It may also be taken to satisfy the cross-disciplinary requirement for the Civil and Environmental Engineering degree. This page is meant to provide answers to general questions about the course, not necessarily specific questions about content. There is also a Category:ECE 110 that will list all pages relevant to ECE 110. Note at the bottom of this page that it is a member of that category. This is the page for Spring, 2018.

Lab Supplemental Pages

Lab Errors

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Lab Supporting Documentation

Connecting the Parallax Digital Trainer to the BOE Shield

This requires two male-to-male 3-header cables.

  • The first cable will go from channels GND/13/12 on the BOE Shield to channels GND/P0/P1 on the PDT. The black wire should be on GND; for the BOE Shield, that is the second-to-leftmost pin on the top bus while for the PDT, that is the fourth pin from the top on the left of the socket.
  • The second cable will go from channels 2/3/4 on the BOE Shield to P2/P3/P4 on the PDT. The black wire should be on pin 2 of the BOE Shield and in the sixth-from-the-bottom socket on the PDT. The white wire should be on pin 4 of the BOE Shield and in the fourth-from-the-bottom socket on the PDT.
Note that the left header here is connected the the header on the right in the PDT picture
PDTHeaders A110.jpeg

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How do I get Dr. G's Files from Class?

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