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This page covers the general process by which homework is collected, graded, and returned.


Each homework will be broken up into several Parts - typically three. When doing the homework, you need to be able to turn in each part separately, so do not do work for more than one part on any given piece of paper. Each page should have your name, NetID, assignment number, and part number on at least the top page of the part and ideally each page. Be sure to staple each problem in the part together (staple at top left preferred) but do not staple the parts together.

The homework collection boxes are in Teer - specifically in an alcove by the back staircase between the two ECE 110 lab rooms. If you enter Teer on the main level (which is the 2nd floor), walk straight past Teer 203 and past the elevator; once past the elevator there is a door on the left. Go through the foor, then take a right. You will pass a lab on the left and a conference room on the right. Once past the conference room, the alcove is along the short hallway to your right. The homework boxes are...fairly obvious at that point. Check the labels to make sure you are turning things in for the right class, the right instructor, and the right part (all three pieces of information will be on each box).

At the time a homework is due, either the TAs or I will collect the homework from the boxes or we will put a piece of paper in each box to indicate that time is up. No late work will be accepted or graded without prior arrangement with me. Be sure to put your homework in the correct boxes for your class and be sure you put the right parts in the right place.

Note: For EGR 224, given how assignments are graded, there are two boxes for each group - an "A" box and a "Z" box. You will get an email about which group you are (determined alphabetically by last name).


Once the homework has been moved out of the boxes to the TA folders, they will pick them up and grade them. The goal is to have a homework assignment graded and returned within a week of its being submitted.


Graded homework will be returned to a folder with your name on it in a rolling cart next to the homework boxes. Whenever you go to turn in a homework to the boxes you should also check your folder for returned materials.


If you believe an item has been graded or recorded improperly, you should first find the original grader and discuss it with that person. The class web site will have a guide as to which grader graded which section.