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This template simplifier alerting another user that you have posted something below a question they asked on an article's talk page. Once you have answered the question and changed the {{Q}} (the Q template) on the talk page, save the talk page. Then go to the user's talk page - the easiest way is to click their user page - which should be in their signature - then click the discussion tab at the top of the page. Edit the page and scroll down to the bottom, then add the following:

{{SUBST:A|pagename}} ~~~~

where pagename is the name of the article whose discussion page you just edited. The A template will expand to write out:

== Information Posted At [[Talk:pagename]] ==
Greetings! - I made a post to your question at [[Talk:pagename]] about [[pagename]]. ~~~~

As an example, the code:


run from DukeEgr93's account will produce:

Information Posted At Talk:MATLAB

Greetings! - I made a post to your question at Talk:MATLAB about MATLAB. DukeEgr93 18:25, 26 June 2008 (UTC)